What To Do If You’re Feeling Depressed

There are some days I wake up and just feel depressed. Sad for no apparent reason, and it’s a struggle just to get out of bed. Much less work on any writing. These are some of the things that help me.

Note: If you feel depressed all the time or for long stretches, go see someone. Clinical depression is no joking matter and needs to be treated.




10 Tips For Cheering Yourself Up

1. Me day

Sometimes we just need a day to ourselves. A day to do whatever we feel like doing without worrying about other people. A day to remember that we’re important too. Taking a guilt free me day every now and then is perfectly okay.

2. Take a long hot bath

Force yourself to get out of bed and take a long hot bath. Or do what I do, take a long hot shower and let the tub fill up. You may have to drag yourself out of bed and into the bathroom, but trust me, you’ll ten times better after a hot bath.
And sometimes this is all it takes to start feeing better.

3. Exercise

I’m not the worlds greatest exerciser. In fact I usually kind of hate it. But I do know that exercise always makes me feel better afterwards. Take a long walk. Dance to some music. But get up and move. It helps.

4. Reading fiction

Of course reading is on my list. I love books. And losing yourself for a while in your favorite book helps me to take my mind off feeling sad.

5. Knitting

I don’t knit much anymore, but there’s something about the repetitive motion of the needles and seeing a scarf grow longer that calms me and makes me realize I’ve accomplished something. If you don’t know how to knit, watch a youtube video, learn a simple knit or purl stitch, and try it.
Knitting is cathartic.

6. Sit with your pet

I have a small brown mutt, and he knows when I’m sad. He’ll come sit with me, lay his head on my leg, and listen to whatever I have to say without trying to fix it. Those of you who are in a relationship know what I mean. I hear that cats are the same way. Unfortunately I’m allergic to them.

7. Go to Starbucks and say thank you to someone

The act of getting up and around, and driving to get a cup of coffee, and then sitting and listening to the people around me, usually helps. And even though it sounds silly, thanking the person at the counter helps, they usually smile and say something kind in return. And that always makes me smile.

8. Sit in the sun

When I’ve spent too much time indoors I always feel a little down. There’s something about sitting in the sun and feeling the warmth of its rays that helps. Pretending I’m a child and finding shapes in the clouds is a great way to pass the time and take my mind off feeling down.

9. Listen to fun music

I don’t care what it is, fun music always brings a smile to my face, and if I get up and dance to it when I’m alone it makes me feel better. I have a special playlist to list to on days when I’m feeling a little down. Just the act of finding the songs and putting them together helps.

10. Watch a fun movie

Watching fun movies goes right along with fun music. Mama Mia is a go to for me. It’s fun and I love the music. It’s hard to feel sad when I watch it.

These ten things always help when I’m feeling depressed. And hopefully they’ll help you too. And remember there’s a big difference from feeling sad and depressed every now and then, and feeling that way every day. If you’re feeling depressed all the time, go talk to a professional.

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