Wedding Reception Do Not’s

The wedding is over and the reception has just begun. Don’t do these things and the bride won’t hate you forever.

Having been to my fair share of weddings and the receptions afterwards I’ve noticed that there are a few things that are guaranteed to make the bride hate you forever.


It’s traditional for the best man and the maid of honor to give a speech at the reception. If you’re called on to make a speech don’t tell us why their best friend. The speech should be about the lucky couple and keep it short. Four or five minutes at the most. Don’t try to be funny. Most people aren’t and whether you know it or not, those of us listening are cringing inside. And whatever you do, don’t tell us that you used to date the bride or the groom or both of them. It’s embarrassing to everyone who hears it.

If you’re the maid of honor you’re already on thin ice if the bride knows you dated her new husband, and if she didn’t know?

She’ll hate you forever.

There are a few other things that are a definite no-no. Whatever you do, don’t announce that the bride is pregnant. Don’t get drunk before you make the speech. In fact, don’t get drunk period. We all like to have a good time at a reception, but nobody enjoys being around a drunk. And trust me, while drunk people think they’re funny, you’re not.

The photographer the happy couple has hired cost them a pretty penny. Don’t get in his or her way and block their shots. The pictures are something that the bride will cherish forever and she doesn’t want to see the back of your head when she’s cutting the cake with her new husband. Or a worse thing, your iPhone in the shot when her groom is kissing her at the wedding.

For the girls, out there, don’t try to upstage the bride. If Mr. I Can’t Commit proposes to you at the reception and you say yes, wait until the next day to tell everyone. It’s the bride’s day, keep it that way. And don’t wear a white dress to the wedding or the reception.

There’s only one woman who should be in white. The bride.

If you’re part of the wedding party, whatever you do stay until after the bride and groom leave. I was at a wedding recently where the wedding party left before the bride and groom.

The bride is still mad about it.

If you’re part of the wedding party, make sure you help whenever and wherever it’s needed. The groom shouldn’t have to leave to go get another keg of beer during the reception. And volunteer to help clean up after the reception is over. Don’t stand around while the bride’s parents are putting up chairs. The bride’s mother will tell her about it, and she just might hate you forever.

And for all the guests out there, if you didn’t RSVP, stay home. Brides everywhere worry endlessly that they won’t have enough food, cake, etc. at the reception. Don’t be the person who shows up with six friends that weren’t even invited.

Remember that this is the bride’s day, and while the groom might not care, the bride will.

Stay away from the do nots above and make it special for her.

And a last word of advice for the bride and groom – remember to wander around and thank the people who took the time to show up and help you celebrate the beginning of your new life together.

We’ll remember too.

Nikki Caine writes short spicy stories. Check her out on Amazon.

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