Things That Make Women Jealous Of Their Friends






Most women have friends who spend most of their time telling anyone who’ll listen about how bad they have it or how lucky they are to have a ____ (fill in the blank)

Thinking back I’ve heard some real doozies.

The Big List of Things Women Are Jealous of

1.  Their Friends Husbands.
2.  Their house.
3.  Their car.
4.  Their looks.
5.  Actresses
6.  Models
7.  Women who married rich.
8.  Their clothes.
9.  Their lives. We always think our friends have better lives than we do.
10. Their careers.
11. The fact they can be a stay at home mom.
12. Their single friends.
13. Their single friends one night stand.
14. The fact they’re married.
15. That they’ve only been married once.
16. That they’re divorced and free.
17. They’re kids haven’t wrecked the car.
18. They have kids.
19. They don’t have kids.
20. They went on a cruise.
21. They have romantic husbands or boyfriends.
22. They have a husband or boyfriend.
23. A vacation anywhere.
24. Women who can do it all
25. Their in shape.
26. Women who eat whatever they want.
27. Women who can diet.
28. Women who can exercise.
29. Women who don’t have to exercise.
30. The women their husbands or boyfriends stare at.

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