Secret Romantic Gestures She’s Pleading You To Make!

Secret Romantic Gestures She’s Pleading You To Make!

Keeping the spark alive doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As a romance writer I’m always on the lookout for sweet romantic gestures that I can work into my stories. The following list showcases some of the things that I personally find romantic, and I’m lucky enough to have a husband who has sprung quite a few of them on me.



1. Write her a poem

Think your too cool for poetry? Guess again. Women love it when their partner writes them a poem. Yes it may be terrible or hokey. Trust me she won’t care.

2. Cook dinner and cleanup

Women love it when they come home and dinner is made. Pour her a glass of wine and tell her to relax while you cook her favorite meal and she’ll love you forever. Make sure you clean up afterwards – alone. Tell her you’ve got it.

3. Give her a massage

What woman doesn’t love it when her partner gives her a massage?

4. Pack a Picnic

Invest in a picnic basket, pack a blanket, a bottle of wine, and her favorite cheese and take her on a picnic somewhere romantic. Places to go? Try a local lake or park.

5. Mail her a letter

Yes – a real honest to God letter. The kind delivered by the post office. Not an email. When my future husband was in college, he sent me a letter everyday while he was at school two hours away. I rushed home from work everyday to see what the mailman had in store for me. Send her a letter everyday for a month and see how she reacts. Stamps are still relatively cheap!

6. Leave post its everywhere

Yes it sounds kind of hokey. Leave her postits scattered through the house with romantic little saying on them. She’ll love you for it.

7. Take a moonlit walk

Think moonlit walks only happen in the movies? Guess again. Women love walking in the moonlight. Combine this with cooking her dinner and a massage and she’ll be telling all her friends what a wonderful partner you are.

8. Watch her favorite movie and snuggle.

You like adventure flicks and she likes romance movies. Surprise her with her favorite movie and a bag of popcorn, then snuggle up with her and keep your thoughts to yourself if you think it’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen. Trust me – she wants to watch it with you.

9. Relive your first date.

Remember the first time you took her out? The way you anticipated it and couldn’t wait for it. Take her out to the same place again, or if it’s no longer there, take her someplace similiar. And if it didn’t go as well as you’d planned this is your chance to do it over again right.

10. Tell her you love her

Women love to hear it. And believe it or not we’re not buying it when you tell us you love us when you’ve done something wrong. You should be telling her you love her everyday anyway, and if you aren’t? Start today.

11. Slow dance

Surprise her with some music and slow dance in the living room. Women love to dance, and we’re tired of waiting for the next wedding reception so we can dance with you.

12. Make a list of everything you love about her.

Make a list of everything you lover about her. It shouldn’t be too hard since she’s already with you. Then put it in a nice card and mail it to her.

13. Ask her about her day

Ask her how her day went and listen to her. And whatever you do don’t tell her how she should’ve handled any problems that came up during her day. She may just need to vent!

14. Send her flowers at work for NO reason.

Women love to get flowers at work no matter what they say. She’ll be the envy of all the other women. Send them on a day that is NOT a special occasion and here’s a hint. On the card tell her its just because you love her.

15. Hold her hand in public.

Be the guy who isn’t afraid to hold her hand in public. You did it when you first started dating. Don’t stop now.

16. Open the door for her.

Yes women are independent today. We still like it when they guy opens the car door for us, or holds the door for us when we go out to eat. Don’t use feminism as an excuse to be a cad. Hold the door for us to show us that you care.

17. Surprise her with a shopping trip.

You don’t have to wait for an anniversary or her birthday to take her shopping. We all know that men for the most part hate shopping. Surprise her and take her anyway.

18. Take her someplace she’s always wanted to go.

I’m not talking about plane tickets for dinner in Paris, although that would be nice! I’m talking about taking her someplace she’s always wanted to go, but hasn’t been to lately – if ever. A museum. A new shop. A restaurant. You know your partner don’t you. Take her someplace she wants to go.

19. Hug her.

Give her a hug because you love her, and hold it for a little longer than you think you should. She’s not your long lost buddy after all. And whatever you do – don’t treat it like the hug from the crazy old aunt that your whole family avoids!

20. Take a day off work and clean the house.

Don’t think cleaning the house and especially the bathrooms is romantic? Women don’t like to do it any more than you do. Take a day off work and clean the house the way she does it. Even better, clean the house, make her dinner and clean up, and then take her on a moonlit walk. She’ll love you forever!

These are twenty of the most romantic gestures I came up with off the top of my head. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think is a romantic gesture.

Nikki Caine writes spicy romantic stories. You can find her on Amazon.

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