Romance Challenge Day 5 Results

Romance Challenge Day 5

14 Day Romance Challenge – Day 5 Results

For Day 5 of the Romance Challenge I decided to keep it simple. i might add that I took my own advice and quit stressing about what I was going to do for my romance challenge and slept much better last night.
I didn’t have anything waiting for my hubby this morning, and he gave me a funny look before he kissed me goodbye and headed off to work. I think he was disappointed that there wasn’t anything waiting for him this morning.
Little did he know.
I had a plan!
So… here’s what I did today.
I sent him a romantic quote by email every hour to him while he was gone. Want an example? Here’s just one of many: I exist in two places, here and where you are.
Sappy? Will sure it’s a little sappy. Isn’t romance always kind of a little sappy?
The interesting thing was that by the he recieved my second romantic quote, he was emailing me back with witty little sayings of his own. Things like, “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.” Things that made my heart beat a little faster, and by the end of the day I couldn’t wait for him to get home.
So what happened when he got home?
He poured me a glass of wine, led me upstairs, and gave me a massage, all while he told me how much he loved me.
And then? Well, lets just say we ate dinner late than usual.
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. The thing that sparked this whole romantic challenge idea. Do I know what I’m going to do? Nope!
I’ve come to realize that romance should be kind of spur of the moment. Of course I have a couple of things swirling around inside my head on how to make his day extra special. One thing we’ve both agreed on though about tomorrow, is that we won’t be going out for dinner. Neither one of us likes to fight the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day.
If you want to read about my romantic challenge from the beginning, Check out Romantic Challenge Day 1.
If you’ve got comments, please share them. And if any of you have started your own romantic challenges, let me know.

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