Romance Challenge Day 4 Results

Romance Challenge - Day 4

14 Day Romance Challenge – Day 4 Results

I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far with my 14 day romance challenge. This morning my husband came upstairs and kissed me goodbye before he left for work and told me he loved me.
Not that he doesn’t tell me he loves me everyday, but the kiss was the perfect way to start the day.
One thing I’ve decided about this romance challenge, that I’d forgotten from those long ago days when we were dating, is that it takes some work to be romantic every day. Not that it’s hard work, but it takes some effort. Last night I found myself going to sleep thinking about what I could do to surprise him on day 4.
I woke up several times still thinking about it, but it finally came to me about two o’clock in the morning.
And so I got up and prepared his romantic surprise for the day.
Here’s what I did for Day 4 of my romance challenge.
I loaded the coffee pot so all he had to do was start it in the morning and then I put an envelope of coupons for him on the top.
Now the coupons weren’t anything special. About ten of them or so. Things like “Free Back Rub” and “One Free Massage”. One each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner of his choice. A trip to our local winery.
Simple things really.
And really that’s something I’m beginning to remember about doing romantic things for him. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated, and I’m sure if I quit trying to make it complicated I’ll get more sleep too.
And he told me he’s got something special in mind for me this week. That I should block out at least an hour where I won’t be interrupted.
Maybe I won’t be getting as much sleep as I planned! Wink! Wink!

If you’ve got ideas for things for me to try during this romance challenge then please leave a comment. And if you want to read about my challenge from Day 1 – Start Here.

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