Romance Challenge Day 2

Romance Challenge Day 2

14 Day Romance Challenge – Day 2 Results

For the second day of the romance challenge I decided to leave another note for him. I found a quote on the internet, “I was born to say I love you everyday”, and attached it to his shower towel and then added to it – “I envy this towel.” Because it was Saturday I ended up waiting most of the morning for him to shower and find it.
Day 2 of the romance challenge is supposed to be all about simple surprises with a big impact.
And it was.
That simple romance challenge note attached to his towel led to the following things.
First, I got a big hug and a long lingering kiss that made my curls toe the way they did when we were first dating.
Second, he took care of all of the dishes for the day. Not that he doesn’t do that anyway sometimes, but it was still a nice surprise hen he told me to sit and watch a movie while he cleaned up the kitchen.
Third, he poured a glass of wine for me later in the evening and we snuggled on the couch in the evening.
And… well, you can guess what happened when we went to bed early.

PS. I’m writing this early morning the day after. Check back for Day 3 of the romance challenge tomorrow.

If you missed day 1 make sure to check out Romance Challenge Day 1.

If you have comments or suggestions about how to keep romance alive, let me know in the comments. And may all my readers have as good a day as I had yesterday!

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