Proven Secret To Training Your Man!

Proven Secret To Training Your Man!


Are Men Really Dogs?

Most people believe that husbands can’t be trained. But husbands do respond to training! In fact one of the first scientific studies highlighting the importance of reinforcement in animal behavior was done with husbands.
The first step to training your husband is to understand him. You have to use really special treats that your husband finds irresistible. Training a husband requires some creativity and patience.
Training your husband has important benefits. You’re stimulating his body and his mind, which helps keep him healthy. And spending time together means you’re strengthening the bond you share. In addition to teaching him fun tricks like wave and fetch, you can also teach him a range of useful behaviors like sit, stay and to come when called. You could even teach your husband to pee in the toilet and flush afterwards!

Use Tasty Treats

The first step is to find a treat that your husband goes crazy for.

• First, make sure you have your husband’s attention. Hold the tasty treat in your fingers right at your husband’s nose. When your husband begins to sniff the treat, slowly move it in an arc from his nose up just over his head between his ears. (Don’t raise it straight up, or you’ll be teaching your husband to stand on his rear legs rather than sit!) Many husbands will follow this arc motion with their eyes and nose, and as their chin raises up and back, point to the burned out lightbulb he’s been ignoring for the past week!

• Second, the instant your husband notices said lightbulb, and you may have to wait, praise him and offer him the treat. If he still doesn’t figure it out on the first try, give him the treat anyway. Over several repetitions of practice, give him a treat each time he gets closer to figuring it out, until he finally changes it.

Use a Clicker

A clicker can make training easier and faster. If you don’t have a clicker, you can use a pen that makes a clicking sound. The instant your husband does the correct behavior, click and then offer a treat. The click lets your husband know the instant he does the right thing, so it helps him catch on faster. Just make sure you click at the exact moment he does the behavior you want, and then give him a treat. Husbands learn through repetition, just like we do, so you’ll need to practice a few times in a row. Keep your training sessions short though—just a few minutes at a time.
While training your husband, keep in mind that husbands respond very poorly to punishment! Rather than learning what behavior not to do, a punished husband usually just learns to run away. Depending on your husband’s temperament, punishment can frighten your husband to the point where he may hide from you and your family members. Punishment creates stress, and stress is one of the most common causes for problem behaviors in husbands,
It’s much easier to train your husband when you reward behaviors you want and offer him more attractive alternatives for behaviors you don’t want. Persuasion, not punishment, is the key to training your husband. If you patiently practice and reward your husband with treats, you’ll soon have a husband who’s working on that honey do list and wagging his tail contentedly.


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