My Secret Hiding Spots

Sometimes adults need a place to hide. A place to get away from family or kids or coworkers.

When everyday life gets to be a little too much, sometimes I just need a place to go and be alone. Not that I don’t like the people around me, but on those days when I’m feeling mean or aggravated it’s a sure bet that you can find me in one of these places.

My favorite place to hide is our local art museum. It’s a sure bet that I’ll never run into any of my friends or family there. They all think that museums are boring. I actually enjoy the art museum. There is an unwritten rule, much like the library, that talking is not allowed. But unlike the library, there’s no one there to shush you if you do decide to speak. Rather its an unwritten rule.

In the museum I can wander from room to room, or just sit quietly, and look at paintings or scultpures without someone constantly asking me for something. A place to gather my thoughts and forget about the outside world for a while. And as a bonus I almost always come up with a story idea.

Bookstores are another place you’ll find me sometimes although they’re getting harder and harder to find. Our local Borders shut down, and it’s a thirty minute drive to the next big bookstore near me. Although that’s okay too. If I didn’t have to drive through city traffic, it would be almost perfect.

Bookstores, like museums and libraries, are usually pretty quiet. Not as quiet, but close. Just don’t go on a weekend. I loved Borders because I could wander the aisles, find a new book, and then grab a latté and just read. Uninterrupted.

Once I finished a whole book after a particularly stressful weekend.

It was heaven!

If I want to feel like I’m still being productive I’ll go the park and walk. During the week its empty, and as a woman I still feel safe because it’s a wide open park. It’s a way for me to pretend I’m exercising while enjoying nature. On the weekends it’s too busy. Full of kids playing sports and their parents. Not that I don’t like kids, I do. But I know a lot of moms and they have a way of finding me when all I really want is to be alone.

These are my hiding spots when I feel a need to be alone. If you have a favorite spot to go when you need to get away leave a comment.

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