Men Are So Confusing

Men are a very mysterious breed. While society pegs them as easy to read, we women know the truth. They confuse women.

Why do men feel the need to catcall. It’s especially bad with construction workers and men in trucks. Big trucks.

Just stop it guys. We’re not going to go home with you, or jump in your truck, and then jump all over you. The only girls that do that are the ones who work on street corners.

And what is it with your fascination with big trucks? Are you over compensating for something? If you like a big four wheel drive truck with chrome everywhere that sits so high you need a ladder to get into it, good for you. Some of us women like big trucks too.

We don’t like the assholes who yell at us when they drive by. Just stop it. It wasn’t even cute when you were in high school. And now? It’s just sad.

Another thing that confuses women is why men spend so long in the bathroom. Surely it doesn’t take you that long? Just what exactly are you doing in there? Reading? Trust me there are much better places to read.

And we know it stinks, because we can barely breathe when you’re done and we walk in.

It’s confusing and irritating to us to that men seem to have a hard time listening to us. Why can’t men just listen to us when we sit down and tell them about something that’s happened during the day that has upset us. Our girlfriends don’t seem to have a hard time doing this. Why do men?

And why do they think they need to fix whatever we’re upset about?

Women are smart enough to fix whatever the problem is for themselves. We just want someone to listen to us and show a little empathy.

I know a guy who defines empathy as ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagining what they feel.’ Except in his case, what he really means is what would he would do.

That’s not what women mean by empathy.

Men’s feelings are another thing that confuses women. The same guy who’ll pretend he has something in his eye when Lassie falls down a well, is the same guy who pretends to be tough when something unbelievably sad happens in life.

Like at funerals. They pretend to be so stoic.

It’s true women don’t want a guy who cries when he gets a bad hair cut. But why can’t men show a little emotion when women are around?

These are just a few of the things that I find so confusing about men. There are lots more and if you have something you find confusing about men leave a comment. Maybe one of the guys reading this can explain it to us.

Although I’m betting it’ll be a confusing answer!

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