Keys To A Happy Relationship

I’ve been blessed with a relationship that is both long term and happy. One of the things I tried to keep in mind when I was writing the Allison and Dean short stories was that there’s no reason why a hot spicy romance story can’t be about two happily married people.



There are several things that I think contribute to a happy and long lasting relationship. And if you look around at couples you know who are happy I think you’ll find these ten things in common.

1. Realize that no relationship or person is perfect.

2. Good communication is a must.

3. It’s important to have your own friends.

4. It’s important to have your own hobbies. He may like golf and you may like pottery. You don’t have to do them together.

5. You must trust each other.

6. Make time for each other. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Too much time apart leads to many opportunities to stray.

7. Have fun together. Take a trip. Go to a winery. Play a board game together.

8. Appreciate what your other half does and don’t just tell them you appreciate it, show them.

9. Share the work. maybe you cook and he does the dishes.

10. Remember no one is perfect. Forgive them when they realize they screwed up.

Take a look at the couples you know who are beyond that first blush of a new relationship and are happy and see if they don’t follow most of these rules. If you know of other things that happy couples have in common, leave a comment.

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