Hot Heroes Women Need!

Hot Heroes Women Secretly Need!

Women read romance for a variety of reasons, but one of the top reasons is because we all secretly fantasize about hooking up with a hot alpha hero. Not that most of us would ever do that in real life, but its still fun to imagine.

Hot heroes come in almost as many flavors as there are women to imagine them. Read the list below to see if your hot hero is listed.

And if he’s not? Leave a comment and let me know what kind of hero gets your motor running!

1. Bikers

Bikers are more of an anti-hero, the ultimate in bad boys. What girl hasn’t dreamed of riding on a motorcycle with her legs and arms wrapped around a biker. And biker chicks? I think we’ve all imagined what it would be like.



2. Cowboys

Cowboys, silent and brooding, just waiting for a woman like us to come along and make their lives complete. There’s something about a hot guy on a horse that appeals to most women. And if said cowboy wants to lasso us and tie us up? Enough said.




3. Outlaws

The bad boy cowboys. Hard drinking, hard playing, hard loving and living outside the law. Outlaws were the bikers on horses in their day.





4. Doctors

Doctors are the men who save lives. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re rumored to be rich. Marrying a doctor is still the fantasy of choice for many women. And who hasn’t dreamed of hooking up with McSteamy!




5. Firefighters

The men who rush into burning buildings to save women, children, and puppies. Firefighters are the very definition of heroes.





6. Highlanders

A man in a kilt and an accent to die for? They aren’t as high on my list as cowboys and outlaws, but what woman hasn’t wondered if they wear anything under the, ultimate in easy access, kilt.




7. Pirates

Bad boys on ships. Tie me to mast and ravish me. Enough said.





8. Spies

James Bond may have been around since the 1960’s but he’s still hot. Hooking up with a spy while trying to seduce him into giving up his secrets is a secret fantasy for many women. Spies are suave and debonair and rumored to be great lovers.



9. Vikings

Another bad boy on a ship. See pirates.






10. Billionaires

E.L. James brought the billionaire romance into the mainstream with Fifty Shades. What woman hasn’t dreamed of hooking up with a man that has more money than he could ever hope to spend. A man with his own jet who flies her to Paris for a new outfit. And who wouldn’t want to join the mile high sex club?


11. Sheik

Billionaires on camels. Kidnapped by a sheik and forced to join his harem? Believe it or not it’s a fantasy many women have. Of course, they always imagine that they’ll convince him to marry her, and get rid of the harem. After all, no woman wants to share her man!






12. Military

And the last entry on our list. Military men. Navy SEALS are hot! Men who can do anything and know how to kill a man with a pencil. Military men like firefighters are all heroes.




That brings us to the end of my list of hot heroes that women secretly fantasize about. If your hot hero isn’t listed here please leave a comment below.

Nikki Caine writes spicy romance. Check out her short stories on Amazon.

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