Female Movie Character Clichés That Need To Go!

Men don’t even notice them, but women are well aware of these female movie clichés that need to go.

Cliché’s, those things so overused that they’ve become commonplace, are a writers nightmare. It’s been said that writers fall back on cliché’s because they’re lazy. I believe writers fall into using cliché’s because they’re familiar.

“The reason that clichés become clichés is that they are the hammers and screwdrivers in the toolbox of communication.”
? Terry Pratchett

There are some female movie character clichés that need to go. It’s not that they’re overused, but they don’t make any sense.

The first cliché that must die is common to just about every action movie ever made. That cliché is the badass female character. She carries a gun. She knows how to use it. She can kick ass when she needs to. Now there’s no reason that a girl can’t do any of these things. We’re women. Of course we can be a badass if we choose to be. The cliche that needs to go is what she says just after she’s kicked some man’s ass across the bar and she turns to her male co-star and says, “I have brothers.”

Like a girl can’t be a badass unless she ‘learned it’ from her brothers?

Seriously, what kind of brothers were they if she had to learn to defend herself against them. Did she grow up in a “Deliverance” kind of place?

Did you ever notice that she’s usually wearing five inch stiletto’s while she’s doing it. I don’t know about you, but if I tried to do some kind of karate thing in heels I’d fall and break an ankle.

She’s usually wearing something skin tight and she’s always attractive. Like a woman who doesn’t have supermodel looks can’t kick ass? And why the skin tight clothes? Back to the karate thing again, if I tried to kick that high in skin tight jeans or even worse, a catsuit, I’m pretty sure something would rip.

Not these girls.

They’re makeup is always perfect and it never runs. Not even after they’ve run three blocks to chase a bad guy down and shoot him.

Hint for the male script writers out there: that’s not the way it works in the real world. And her hair wouldn’t still be perfect! It’d be a wreck.

Romantic comedy’s can be just as bad. Why is it that they always have a girl who just needs to have a makeover to become the hot chick that always gets the guy she’s dreamed of and then dumps him?

It’s usually a girl who wears glasses and puts her hair in a pony tail. I’ve got news for all the males out there. If a woman needs glasses and she takes them off, she can’t see. And just because she takes her pony tail out and shakes her head, doesn’t mean she turns into an instant supermodel. For most women, when we take out a pony tail and shake our hair, it still looks like we just took our hair out of a pony tail. Not like we spent two hours getting it done.

Sorry guys!

The final cliché that needs to go is the woman who wakes up after a night of hot sex with perfect hair and make up. It doesn’t happen that way in the real world. Not unless we sneak out of bed a couple of hours before said hot guy wakes up and we redo everything, then climb back into bed and pretend that we’re just waking up.

These three female movie character cliché’s need to go. For all the male scriptwriters out there – how about giving us a woman who wears comfortable clothes, needs to lose a little weight, wears sensible shoes – and can still kick ass. Let her wakeup looking like a normal woman would. No makeup and with her hair a mess.

A lot more women might just go see your movie.

If you know some female movie character cliché’s that need to go, leave a comment.

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