Favorite Sixties Book Cover Blurbs

Favorite Sixties Book Cover Blurbs

I’ve loved books ever since I was old enough to read. Now that I’m an indie author I’ve learned to appreciate book covers and the blurbs that appear on them too. Some of my favorite blurbs are from the sixties sleaze sex paperbacks.



Take a look at some of my favorite front cover blurbs and see if you don’t agree that they deserve a little appreciation.

1. Her Private Hell by March Hastings

Lesbian Love: Can a hunger so strong be so wrong?

2. Artists and Models by Russ Trainer

As his abject love slave she could only react, blindly, to whatever he commanded her to do … no matter how debasing.

3. Strip Artist Broad by Ken Kane

She gave men everything they wanted except her heart.

4. Swap Circle by Harold Horton

A merry melee of marital mixing!

5. Hypno Swap by Curt Aldritch

He had a sin-cure for matrimonotony!

6. Party Girl by Jack Moore

Sally stood, a luscious stance of flesh, while Watson looked her over to see if she should get the job of … PARTY GIRL …

7. Expense Account Sinners by Don Elliott

Credit cards bought wine, women – and infidelity!

8. Lover by Andrew Shaw

A professional stud in the big city lust jungle!

9. Jazzman in NudeTown by Bob Tralins

The Town Was Wild – And the Women Wilder!

10. Sexus Suburbia by John Dexter

Her motto was ‘Love Thy Neighbor!’

These are only ten of my favorites. I have a whole notebook full of others. i have no idea who the copywriters were that came up with these, and maybe they were the writers themselves, but whoever they were I admire them for their ability to get people to pick up a book and browse through it.

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