Common Things Men Aren’t Judged On

Ever notice these common things that men get away with that are forbidden for women?

Getting older has to be at the top of the list. When men get older they’re called distinguished, while women are often seen as less than desirable. And while men are seen as having won some kind of contest when they date a younger woman, at least by other men, women are labeled cougars.

It’s really not fair. Older women like attractive young men. I’m not talking an eighty year old woman dating a twenty something young stud, but if she wants to – she shouldn’t be judged. And if an older man wants to date or marry a younger woman, that doesn’t mean she’s just a slut who is after his money.

Well – probably not. If I was ever dumped for a younger woman, I’d be just as upset as every other woman is.

Why is it that guys can get away with a messy apartment? We women are judged if our places aren’t clean, how come men can get away with it? It’s actually kind of a cliché that a single man can’t pick up and clean his place. If he’s married why do people always assume that it’s his wife who doesn’t know how to clean.

Mother in laws are bad about this. It’s your sons who are the slobs, not their wives. And why is it his girlfriends or wives job to remember your birthday? He’s your son!

Why aren’t men judged when they don’t wear makeup. I always seem to get sly sideways glances whenever I’m out in public without makeup on. I don’t like makeup. Of course, this works both ways. I’m sure IF my husband wore makeup the looks he’d get would be priceless.

Don’t judge a woman who doesn’t wear makeup. Some of us don’t like it.

Why do men get to go shirtless in public or when they’re mowing the yard. Not that many men go shirtless any more in public, it’s more a lawn care and beach and lake thing. But still. I know if I decided to go topless while mowing the yard, every man in the neighborhood would be out with a pair of binoculars, and their wives would all hate me.

Is it really fair?

And a similar thing applies to shaving our pits. Why is it perfectly okay for a man to not shave his armpits, but we women are labeled as some kind of back to nature feminist if we don’t.

These are just a few of the things that men get away with that women can’t. Not that we should care what other people think, but maybe we can quit judging other women.

If you can think of other things that men get away with that women can’t leave a comment.

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