What does a woman mean when she wants you to be more romantic?



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What does a woman mean when she wants you to be more romantic?


When a woman asks you to be more romantic she’s not talking about grand gestures or having you spend a lot of money.

What she’s really telling you is that she’s looking for that special something that made her swoon in the first place. It’s one of the reasons I write the Allison short stories. In those stories, Allison and Dean have found a way to inject a little adventure and a lot of sex into their relationship.

And no, I’m not saying that romance is the same is sex.

We all remember when we first started dating whoever we’re with now and the little gestures they made that caused our hearts to beat a little faster and that made us anticipate seeing him or her sooner rather than later.

One of the dangers of a long term relationship is that all of us tend to get to that spot where we’re comfortable with whoever we’re with.

If we’re married or living with someone it doesn’t take long before we become to each others routines. What I’m talking about is the whole get up, get ready, go to work, come home and eat and go to bed thing. And it’s not necessarily a bad place to be. The truth is, is that deep down it’s what men and women truly yearn for.

It’s the idea that we have someone we’re comfortable enough with a guy that we don’t worry about having to have our hair done up perfectly when he see’s us first thing in the morning. That we won’t be judged because we’re still wearing that favorite old ratty sleep shirt because it’s comfortable.

And that’s okay.

For guys, it means that they sink into the way they truly are. They feel comfortable enough to watch whatever they want on TV and know they won’t be judged too harshly. Or to finally admit, that yes, they love to try and beat a video game, even if it takes hours to get to the next level!

But comfortable sometimes comes at a cost.

And that cost is what started this blog post in particular.

The other day I caught myself telling my significant that I wished they’d be more romantic.

What was did I really mean?

What i really meant, and what I think most women mean, is that we’re yearning for that special something that drew us to you in the first place.

So here are some hints that won’t break the bank.

1. Open the door for us again next time we go out. Yes, some of us women complain that we don’t want you to, that we’re liberated and we don’t need a man to open the door for us, that we’re perfectly capable of doing it on our own.
And we are.
But we still like it, no matter what we say.

2. Do something for us that we normally do for you.
Wash the dishes and make dinner if thats what she normally does for you. And don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

Over the next few weeks I’m planning on writing a few blog entries that will deal with things that you can do that are romantice and won’t break the bank.

They may take some effort. And they will be based on showing her that you value her enough to make the effort to be romantic in a way that she’ll appreciate.

And for the women reading this, I’ll try and give you a few ideas also for things you can do that will help whoever you’re with remember why you made their hearts beat a little faster.

Nikki Caine writes short spicy romance stories. You can find them on Amazon. And she likes to blog about romance.

If you’ve got comments, then leave them below.

10 Sexy Costumes That Aren’t Just For Halloween


I love Halloween! It’s the one night of the year that we get to play sexy dress up and go out in public. If you’re looking for some ideas for this Halloween take a look.

And remember, these costumes aren’t just for Halloween! Put one of these on and play a little pretend with someone you love.





1.  Dirty Cop


What’s not to love about being a dirty cop. If this doesn’t put that special in the mood maybe you’ll have to cuff them and punish them for breaking your law.



2.  Little Red Riding Hood

What’s not to love about Little Red Riding Hood? Who is your big bad wolf.




3.  Naughty School Girl

Ever wonder just how naughty the naughty school girl really was? I can almost guarantee that if you dress up in this costume, they’ll be lined up to give you a spanking.




4.  Catwoman

Catwoman has fascinated me for a long time. The sexy costume and the way she had Batman wrapped around her little finger? What more could a girl ask for.




5.  Sexy Pirate

What can I say? Who wouldn’t love dressing up as a sexy pirate. In this costume I’d be ready to walk his plank anytime.




6.  Cavegirl

One of my significant others favorites for me to wear. One word of warning though – don’t let him drag you by the hair into his cave.




7.  Harley Quinn

How could Batman resist?





8.  Slave Girl

Playing the slave girl is always fun!











9.  Mummy

They say that in Victorian England they use to have mummy unwrapping parties to see if there were any hidden treasures. Dress us as a sexymummy and he’ll be unwrapping you before you get out of the door.



10. French Maid


The French Maid costume is ‘the’ classic sexy Halloween costume. Put this costume on and he’ll be cleaning the house for you!











If you have a favorite Halloween costume leave a comment and let me know what it is. May your Halloween be fun and sexy! And remember Halloween doesn’t have to come only once a year.

Nikki Caine writes short spicy stories. And if you want some ideas about what to do in that brand new costume take a look at her stories on Amazon.

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Wedding Reception Do Not’s

The wedding is over and the reception has just begun. Don’t do these things and the bride won’t hate you forever.

Having been to my fair share of weddings and the receptions afterwards I’ve noticed that there are a few things that are guaranteed to make the bride hate you forever.


It’s traditional for the best man and the maid of honor to give a speech at the reception. If you’re called on to make a speech don’t tell us why their best friend. The speech should be about the lucky couple and keep it short. Four or five minutes at the most. Don’t try to be funny. Most people aren’t and whether you know it or not, those of us listening are cringing inside. And whatever you do, don’t tell us that you used to date the bride or the groom or both of them. It’s embarrassing to everyone who hears it.

If you’re the maid of honor you’re already on thin ice if the bride knows you dated her new husband, and if she didn’t know?

She’ll hate you forever.

There are a few other things that are a definite no-no. Whatever you do, don’t announce that the bride is pregnant. Don’t get drunk before you make the speech. In fact, don’t get drunk period. We all like to have a good time at a reception, but nobody enjoys being around a drunk. And trust me, while drunk people think they’re funny, you’re not.

The photographer the happy couple has hired cost them a pretty penny. Don’t get in his or her way and block their shots. The pictures are something that the bride will cherish forever and she doesn’t want to see the back of your head when she’s cutting the cake with her new husband. Or a worse thing, your iPhone in the shot when her groom is kissing her at the wedding.

For the girls, out there, don’t try to upstage the bride. If Mr. I Can’t Commit proposes to you at the reception and you say yes, wait until the next day to tell everyone. It’s the bride’s day, keep it that way. And don’t wear a white dress to the wedding or the reception.

There’s only one woman who should be in white. The bride.

If you’re part of the wedding party, whatever you do stay until after the bride and groom leave. I was at a wedding recently where the wedding party left before the bride and groom.

The bride is still mad about it.

If you’re part of the wedding party, make sure you help whenever and wherever it’s needed. The groom shouldn’t have to leave to go get another keg of beer during the reception. And volunteer to help clean up after the reception is over. Don’t stand around while the bride’s parents are putting up chairs. The bride’s mother will tell her about it, and she just might hate you forever.

And for all the guests out there, if you didn’t RSVP, stay home. Brides everywhere worry endlessly that they won’t have enough food, cake, etc. at the reception. Don’t be the person who shows up with six friends that weren’t even invited.

Remember that this is the bride’s day, and while the groom might not care, the bride will.

Stay away from the do nots above and make it special for her.

And a last word of advice for the bride and groom – remember to wander around and thank the people who took the time to show up and help you celebrate the beginning of your new life together.

We’ll remember too.

Nikki Caine writes short spicy stories. Check her out on Amazon.

Fall More In Love Everyday

Falling in love a little more every day is not only possible but isn’t all that hard if you follow these tips.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband, and while there are days I get upset with him, thankfully they are few and far between.


It’s the little things he does that make me love him a little more every day. For example, if I’m having a bad day he’ll bring me a glass of wine or make me a cup of hot tea and listen while I rant about whatever it is that is upsetting me.

He used to try and fix the problem, but he’s learned when to make ‘suggestions’ as he calls it and when to just listen.

Sometimes he’ll come bouncing through the door with some new recipe he’s stumbled across on the internet, and while I sit and watch TV and relax, he’ll make dinner and then clean up afterwards.

I love him even more on those days.

On the weekends, even though he’s up at five o’clock, he’ll let me sleep in while he picks up the house and loads and unloads the dishwasher. And on most Sunday’s, he’s usually pulling a fresh loaf of homemade bread out of the oven as I climb out of bed.

Gotta love a man who isn’t afraid to clean and knows how to bake bread.

And he has an imagination that just won’t quit, a very good thing both in and out of the bedroom.

Mostly I love him a little more every day because I know that he does these things because he loves me and cares about me. And while there are days when I’m just in a bitchy mood, it’s the rare day when he responds in kind. Most of the time he just listens and he’s never held a grudge.

While my friends always talk about the great gifts they get at Christmas or on their anniversaries or their birthdays, and I do to, I’ll take a man who does the small things each day of the year.

Yep – I love him a little more every day of the year.

If the person you love does something that makes you love them a little more each day, leave a comment so we can all celebrate how lucky you are too!

Nikki Caine writes short spicy stories. Check her out on Amazon.


Aphrodisiac Foods He’ll Like

Food and sexuality have gone together throughout history. Whether it’s Anthony feeding Cleopatra grapes, or whipped cream used just the right way, these aphrodisiac foods will help your man be all he can be. And what girl doesn’t want that!



Ten Aphrodisiac Foods He’ll Like

1. Hot chili’s

The heat in hot chili’s helps to stimulate the release of endorphins, the bodies feel good drug. And who doesn’t want their man feeling good!

2. Avocados

Avocados are high in B9 which gives him more energy and B6 which helps to increase his testosterone levels. Umm … more energy and high testosterone.

3. Chocolate

Share some chocolate with him. It’s good to increase excitement and helps promote a sense of well-being. And chocolate syrup? Good on vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is another aphrodisiac.

4. Pomegranate Juice

It’s kind of expensive, but studies have shown that it helps with erectile dysfunction. Maybe instead of an apple a day it should be a glass of pomegranate juice a day will keep you both happy and satisfied.

5. Honey

Hippocrates, the Greek physician, prescribed this for sexual vigor. The nitric oxide in honey helps to open up the blood vessels involved in a man’s erection. And there are other more imaginative ways to use honey that are guaranteed to help him get it up.

6. Coffee

A good cup of coffee helps to increase dopamine which is good for increasing desire and pleasure. A cup of coffee might just be the thing after that small bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

7. Watermelon

Watermelon was shown in one study to have Viagra like effects. It’s said to relax the blood vessels and improve circulation right where we women want the old blood flowing. See honey!

8. Olives

The Greeks believed that olives and olive oil helped to make men more virile.

9. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are full of magnesium which helps to increase a man’s testosterone levels.

10. Cherries

Full of vitamins to keep his heart strong and a good source of magnesium which is good for testosterone. Plus, if has any kind of imagination maybe he’ll combine it with a little whipped cream in the bedroom.

Feed him these foods and see if it doesn’t help. If you know other foods that work as aphrodisiacs on your partner leave a comment.

Nikki Caine writes short spicy romance. Check her out on Amazon.