Undercover Escort

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Undercover Escort

Allison Martin is at it again. When her husband Dean tells her about a business trip to Paris, she's ecstatic. But when she finds out she's supposed to pose as a sultry corporate spy, she's getting nervous. Burning up the sheets for a night ... or three... should help, but when ends up tied up for the night, it's not just her mission that’s in trouble.


“There’s only one rule you need to follow tonight.”

“And what would that be.”

“You’ll do what I tell you. When I tell you. If you don’t there’ll be consequences. Do I make myself understood?”


Consequences, what consequences, she wondered. He’d taken this whole fantasy thing a bit too far, she decided, remembering the handcuffs at the head of the bed. And yet, excitement coursed through her. She’d asked him a few times in the past to tie her up, but he’d always shied away from it. Perhaps the trip had loosened him up, and Allison shivered as she pictured herself cuffed to the bed, to be used any way he desired. Not one to share his feelings or what he desired in bed, Allison wondered what he had in mind for tonight. She knew she satisfied him in bed, but it wouldn’t hurt the man to give her a clue sometimes. With the way his brain worked, she knew that she probably hadn’t come close to matching his fantasies. Not that he’d ever complain. He was too nice for that. Too considerate of her feelings.

“Oui, I understand,” she said. “If I misbehave there will be consequences.”

She stepped toward him and leaned down, running a hand over his hard cock. “If I am a bad girl,” she teased, “Will monsieur punish me?”

She watched as he swallowed hard, squirming under her touch.

“Damn straight I will.”

She stepped back, closed her eyes and began to dance. Stretching her arms over her head, twirling, bending, trying to remember the steps from the DVD.

“What are you doing?’ he asked.

“Dancing, mon ami. Do you not like it?”

“Oh I like it,” he said. “But I’d like it more if you danced naked.”


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