Slippery When Wet

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Slippery When Wet

Every girl loves an Aussie accent ...

Allison Martin had only fantasized about a hot Aussie pool boy. But now that she has a pool, she's determined to prove that touching is much more fun than looking.

Dean, her husband, isn't so sure what's gotten into his wife lately. But he's learned to make the most of it. And with an unknown side of her exposed in the great outdoors, not succumbing isn't an option.

After all, even a pool boy has to know how to handle his pole.



There’s nothing hotter than an Australian pool boy, Allison Martin told herself.

Except maybe a naked Australian pool boy.

Like the one currently cleaning her pool. Not that he was naked.

Not yet, anyway.

He was about six foot tall. With dark shaggy hair, wearing a pair of board shorts, flip flops, and no shirt, Allison studied the man through her dark sunglasses. Knowing he was unable to tell if she was watching him, she felt safe examining him in minute detail.


The man wasn’t overly muscled, but instead, he had a sleek athletic build, his muscles rippling as he reached out with the long handled skimmer and pulled it slowly through the water, fishing out the few leaves that had blown in overnight.

With his hands wrapped around the long pole he seemed oblivious to her as she lay on the black chaise lounge wearing a two piece bikini that would have left little to his imagination if he’d bothered to look.

As he fished out another leaf, Allison’s eyes, safe behind the shades, fixated on the noticeable bulge in his shorts, and she giggled at the thought of wrapping her hands around what looked to be quite a sizable pole indeed.

And she had no doubt that sooner or later those board shorts were going to have to come off.

It was all part of the game. And she intended to make the most of it.


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