Queen Of The Nile

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Queen Of The Nile

What woman doesn't want to be Queen for a day? Or a night?

Allison Martin has been fascinated with history her whole life. And when it's her turn to write her fantasy down in the book, she doesn't hesitate.

Dean doesn't hesitate, not even when he learns he's to be his wife's slave for the night. He's learned the hard way that sweet little Allison is anything but.

Things aren't always what they seem though, and he soon learns that a slaves work is never truly done.



“I like a slave with low hanging fruit,” she said as she reached under the man’s toga.

Allison Martin, lying on the fainting couch in her bedroom, carefully studied the man’s face as she cupped his balls in her hand, waiting to see how he would react. Dressed in a short toga, and holding a large fan on a pole, the man strained to keep his face stoic.

Allison herself, dressed in a sky blue Cleopatra costume, the top barely covering her breasts and the bottom consisting of two panels of cloth, one in the front and one in the back that left her long legs exposed on each side to the waist, grinned at the man and tickled his balls.

“Coochie coochie coo,” she said, breaking into laughter.




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