Purr Purr Purr!

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Purr Purr Purr!

Kitties’ only come when they want too ...

Dean's had a thing for cats ever since he was a boy, now he's got a chance to tame one. And it's not going to be easy, not with his wife dressed in a cat suit and purring away.

Allison Martin wasn't sure she could pull the outfit off, but with her husband's tail standing tall and wagging with enthusiasm, she knows she's got him right where she wants him.

Who knew a kitty could train a dog?



“Purr-fect,” the tall slender woman, standing near the door, said as he stepped out of the shower.

Leaning against the door frame and swinging his towel lazily back and forth just out of the man’s reach, she admired the wet naked man, her eyes focused on his swelling erection.

His eyes slowly travelled the length of her sleek black leather cat suit, eyebrows lifting at the stiletto knee high leather boots, and finally coming to rest on her breasts.

He gulped.


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