Mr.Fix It

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Mr.Fix It

Allison Martin is tired of bugging her husband Dean to step up and start working on her honey do list. Since he's not getting her subtle hints, she decides to get obvious, and when he suggests they write their fantasies in an old journal, Allison decides to kill two birds with one stone.

Baking cookies is never going to be the same!


What was a girl supposed to do?

Allison Martin, thirty-two years old, mother of three, with dark hair and even darker eyes, knew she was in trouble as she studied the man sprawled across her kitchen floor with his head buried under the sink. He’d peeled off his worn work shirt, exposing a chest a girl could drool over, the kind of chest that only came when a man spent time in the gym. Or from hard physical labor. Emphasis on hard.

Laying there on his back, Allison had ample time to study the gorgeous hunk of a handyman, the flat stomach, the noticeable bulge in the faded jeans.

And oh what a bulge. It was a tool any red blooded American girl would love to handle.

Anticipation curled in her belly as she wondered what he’d do if she knelt down beside him, straddled him, and gave him a lap dance. And as her eyes focused on the man’s long rigid tool, long was definitely the operative word.

She licked her lips and stepped closer.

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