Hard Edit!

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Hard Edit!

When you dream about writing ...

Dean Martin had never met an obstacle he couldn't overcome. And it's not going to happen now, not with a fresh story completed, and a willing editor.

Allison Martin doesn't believe in lying to her husband, and she's not about to start now. She's learned the hard way that half-truths lead to poor results. And with her husband eagerly waiting for her opinion, it's time he learned his lesson.

And nothing beats a hands on lesson in the power of the written word!



“I do not hate sex!” he said, as he sat on one side of the old wooden desk with his arms folded across his chest, and one leg crossed over the other.

“Then you must hate women,” Allison Martin, the woman sitting across from him said, as she flipped to the next page of the manuscript lying in front of her, and circled yet another spelling mistake with her red pen.

“I don’t hate women either,” her husband Dean protested. “How can you even think that?”

Allison smiled, glancing down at the manuscript and circling another misspelled word while Dean fidgeted in his chair.

“Surely it isn’t that bad?” he asked.


“Trust me,” she said. “It’s that bad.”

Shaking her head, Allison pushed the square framed black glasses back up her nose and continued reading the short story her husband had composed, circling the misspelled words, adding a period or a comma where it was needed, sometimes circling entire paragraphs.

It was all part of the game.

And it was her turn to make the rules.



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