Back to School

An Allison in Wonderland Erotic Adventure

Book Cover: Back to School

Back to college, Allison Martin is struggling with her first term paper in ten years. She needs her husband’s help if she's going to pass. And since she's always had a thing for the hot college professor, she decides to do both at once. Allison never knew how fun it was to earn an easy A.


“And just how is it supposed to work, Professor?”

“For starters, as an adult student I expected you to ask why I gave you such a low grade. And to ask what you could do to improve it. Instead, you whine about the grade not being ‘fair’.” He said, emphasizing the word fair with a pair of air quotes. “Disappointing. Very disappointing.”

Allison shut the door and locked it, leaning against the door, and stared at him. “And why did you give me an ‘F’, I thought it was a good paper.”

“Story Miss Martin. It was supposed to be a story. Not that it didn’t have some potential, but your description …”

“What about my description? I thought it was good.”


“Let me read something from it,” he said, picking the paper up off the desk, making a show of looking through it. “Here we go, you wrote ‘she stood and looked at him’. I think you can do much better. A second grader could have written that. Why don’t you see if you can spice it up a little.”

Spice it up a little? She knew just how to spice it up a little. He was right. It was a pretty boring sentence, but she could fix it, and if it was spice he wanted, spice was what he was going to get.


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