5 Ways To Put The Lust Back In Your Marriage!

5 Ways To Put The Lust Back In Your Marriage!


Most of us still remember that first year of marriage when our mates couldn’t keep their hands off of us. Those lazy Saturday afternoons spent in bed and exploring each others bodies. As time goes on and couples settle into the routine of everyday life sex can sometimes take a back seat.



One of the reasons I write spicy romance is to let couples know that it doesn’t have to be that way. In my Allison and Dean stories they’ve discovered a game that guarantees that spark stays alive.

For those of you that yearn for those glory days of the honeymoon period of marriage these five tips are sure to help put the lust back in your marriage.

1. The Foreign Accent

Want to watch your man sit up and take notice? Greet him at bedtime with a foreign accent. Their are tons of youtube videos on how to fake an accent. Some of the tried and true accents that drive men are French and Russian.

2. Roleplay

Sexual roleplay can be a real turn on for couples. Roleplay doesn’t have to be complicated. You can read Mr. Fixit (free) to see how Allison and Dean started. Learn how to tease him when he’s not watching sports and I guarantee he’ll be taking the trash out faster than a speeding bullet. Make your request in a foreign accent and he’ll make Flash Gordon look like the tortoise in The Tortoise and the Hare.

3. Make Him Snacks For The Big Game.

Men love their sports. Make him a snack plate and bring him a beer, cuddle up next to him, and don’t speak. I know it’s hard, I’m a talker by nature myself, and our jobs as wives aren’t about waiting on our husbands hand and foot. But if it brings a little lust back to life on the commercials I can sacrifice.

4. Let Him Help You Pick Out An Outfit.

I’m not talking about a new sweater and a pair of yoga pants. Men spend their lives living in their imaginations. If you get a Victoria’s Secret catalog, ask him what he thinks about a new piece of lingerie. Or be bold and tell him you think it’d be fun to dress up for him and check out a Halloween costume for adults. Check out Amazon for Adult costumes. Remember some men are bashful, and don’t take it personal. You’ll know when you find one that he likes. Then before you change your mind, order it and surprise him.

5. Start a Journal

Take a page from the Allison and Dean stories and take turns writing a fantasy down in it. Let him go first and before you know it he’ll be putty in your hands.

Follow these 5 tips and put the lust back in your marriage. If you want to see how Allison and Dean began Allison’s Erotic Adventures check out Mr. Fix It on Amazon – it’s free for a limited time.

Nikki Caine writes short spicy stories. Follow her on Twitter.

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