Musings On Fall

Post Halloween and Pre Thanksgiving, the time of year when the leaves are changing, temperatures drop, chilly nights and warm days. Soon winter will be here. As the election of 2016 spins endlessly away to it’s conclusion, I think it’s important that we all take a moment to breathe and remember the things that are truly important in our lives. Family, doing our best each day, and remembering that things are never truly as bad as we think.

Here in the Midwest on a Sunday morning, the sun is bright, the temperature is cool, and the leaves, browns and golds and reds, are falling from the trees. Sitting in front of the window and typing away at this blog I can see the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, a reminder that I to have things to do – working on the next story, raking leaves, and remembering to appreciate my family and to tell them I love them each day.

So, with the U.S. Presidential election just two days away, lets all learn to relax a little and to remember to say thanks for what we have each day.

Don’t be that person that say’s I wish …

And remember, the three strongest words in the English language, are when we tell someone we deeply care about – I love you!