As I continue to work on the Allison in Wonderland stories, it serves as a constant reminder of how important imagination really is in our lives. And especially in mine.

I remember when I was a kid laying in the grass during the summer and watching the clouds drift by overhead while I used my imagination to tell myself stories. Horses and boys and castles revealed themselves in the white fluffy clouds overhead and served to stoke my imagination and before I knew it, I’d closed my eyes and invented stories to go along with the shapes.

A horse and a boy would become a shining knight riding his noble steed to come rescue me, the princess of course, in the castle. I’d imagine the sword fights and the jousting and invented ways for him to cross the moat and fight his way up the stone stairs. And I’d be locked in the top of the tallest tower waiting for my Prince Charming to come rescue me, and then he’d burst the door open and rescue me.

Of course, he always kissed me!

As we grow older and turn from children to teens to adults, I think that somewhere along the way most people lose that sense of wonder and their sense of imagination along the way. Oh, it briefly flares I think for most women, and men, when they fall in love and decide to get married. But then I think they lose it again as children and bills and work get in the way.

I think that’s why I enjoy writing so much.

All of those promises that we made to ourselves when we were kids of being able to do what we want when we grow up can come out and play as I write. If I want to be a Princess again, I can let my imagination soar and invent a world where my Prince Charming rescues me again, except this time, a kiss is not just a kiss. It can be whatever I want it to be. And that is fun!

That’s one of the fun things about writing the Allison stories. In the stories, the magic antique journal becomes a way, not just for Allison but for myself as well, to explore the magic of an active imagination. So far, Allison’s explored the magic of pretending to be everything from the hot librarian to the sexy spy and in my latest story, the party girl who gets to live in the moment, doing what she wants just because she wants. It’s a way for me to keep that promise that as an adult I can do those things I told myself I’d do when I was a kid.

And I’ve been lucky to have found a partner whose imagination is just as active as mine. Someone who isn’t afraid to have some fun, someone who believes, as I do, that if we can dream it that we can achieve it. Sounds kind of hokey I know, but I’ve found out more than once that it’s true.

So the challenge for you today is to go find that someone special in your life, lay down in the grass and watch some clouds, and then together, make a dream come true today.

After all … An active imagination is a terrible thing to waste!