15 Sexiest Accents

15 Sexiest Accents – Which One Is The Hottest!

I’ve always been turned on by a man with an Australian accent, and if I could carry it off I think a Russian accent is just about the sexiest for a woman. Does anyone remember the Castle epsisode when Becket goes in to rescue Castle pretending to be Russian?

Some accents just make us melt.

Ethnilogue claims that 7,099 languages are spoken today and that just 23 languages are spoken by more than half of the world.

Back when I was doing research for Undercover Escort I came across a YouTube video on sexy languages. Those of you with one of these accents should be estactic. Take a look at the video and then take the poll. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a new series of short stories based around the world and I’d really like to know which accents YOU think are hottest!

Now take the poll!

Which One Do You Think Is The Sexiest Language.

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